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For several months I went to the emergency room with swelling, bruising and irritation as the result of makeup toxicity from years in the cosmetic industry working with many brands. To eliminate the toxicity I developed a wellness lifestyle of optimal nutrition, exercise, being in nature, adequate rest, chiropractic care, as well as a mental and emotional detox. This wellness lifestyle and the 37 years in the cosmetic industry inspired the development of my fragrance free botancal skincare, mineral makeup and gemstone jewelry. 


Rhoda Design Group offers wellness based solutions to develop a successful Personal Brand, with color analysis, botanical skincare, Trademarked mineral makeup and statement gemstone jewelry designs. Beauty and fashion trends are translated for personalized style development so your image reflects your soul. Implementation of our unique products and services result in an image that is confident, credible and appropriate for business and social environments. Studies indicate women who have a polished professional image earn 20-30% more than women who don't. 

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Our mission is to develop a polished and authentic personal image for professional women. Your purchases help us support several local and national non-profits, together we make a difference for endless possibilities!